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Electromagnetic Systems Interest Group (EMSIG)




 The UK Radar Society


25th Sept. 2023

About Us

The Electro Magnetic Systems Interest Group (EMSIG) – was established in 2017 to encourage discussion of research achievements and requirements for radiofrequency remote sensing systems and to promote research and development activities on such systems. The group is subtitled “The UK Radar Society” since the term “radar” is familiar to the widest audience, however, the range of sensing techniques which it covers also very much includes Electronic Surveillance, Radiometry, Electronic Warfare and some other related topics. ‘UK’ is included in the title to indicate that the overall aim is to promote excellence in remote sensing related capability in the United Kingdom; however, speakers and attendees external to the UK are also encouraged but on an invitation-only basis. EMSIG, being a new organisation, is currently undergoing development.

One of the principal EMSIG activities is to promote networking and cooperation between experts working in Industry (from Prime Government Contractors to Small and Medium sized Enterprises), Academia (from Professorial staff to PhD students) and Government organisations (e.g. Ministry of Defence, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, UK Research Councils, Innovate UK). The group holds an annual Forum at the start of the summer where all the members meet to discuss their needs, achievements and problems. At the same event many UK PhD students involved in radar-related study present posters showcasing their research. The inaugural meeting in 2017 was well attended with many representatives from government, academia and industry - the EMSIG made a flying start. In June 2018 the EMSIG Forum was attended by ~130 people from all the 13 universities involved in radar and related research and 18 Companies, including Leonardo, BAE Systems, Jaguar Land Rover, Thales, MBDA, Roke Manor, Airbus, QinetiQ and others, plus government organisations such as DSTL and MoD. 72 posters were presented, including 33 by PhD students, at that event.The EMSIG embraces several Focus Groups to enable members to address particular common interests in depth.

Focus Groups

Focus Groups


Carmine Clemente

(University of Strathclyde)

Mohammed Jahangir

(University of Birmingham)


Andrew Stove

(University of Birmingham)

Matthew Gates


EMSIG Modest.png

Marina Gashinova

(University of Birmingham)

Duncan Robertson

(University of St Andrews)

Dimitrios Tzagkas

(Jaguar Land Rover)


Mike Antoniou

(University of Birmingham)

Darren Coe


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