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Electronic Warfare 

The scope of the focus group is interception and exploitation of the emissions used by electromagnetic sensors operating in the frequency range below approximately 1THz as well as techniques of electronic attack and electronic protection. 

In accord with the general aims of the EMSIG, the EW Focus Group will hold meetings approximately annually during which participants will be able to share interests and experience relating to the interception and exploitation of sensing signals and, of course, on countermeasures to these techniques (what is commonly called Electronic Counter-Counter Measures or Electronic Protection).  Again in accord with the EMSIG philosophy, it is believed that sharing experience will on one hand mean that the shared knowledge will be greater than the sum of the contributions and that it will also show areas where further research and development should be undertaken.

This sharing is particularly important between the radar and EW communities to ensure that each party has a current and realistic view of the capabilities of the other.

It is anticipated that the meetings of the group will mostly be on technical matters, but where relevant more commercially-orientated subjects may be discussed. It is anticipated that the nature of the EMSIG will require that, as a rule, the meetings to be held at an unclassified level, so they will mostly discuss general principles rather than the techniques associated with particular systems, but it is possible that occasional ‘classified’ meeting might be organised.


EW Focus Group Meeting 2023.


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Andrew Stove

Andy Stove received BA and D. Phil degrees from the University of Oxford and has then worked for Philips, Racal and Thales.  He has worked on FMCW radars for military and automotive applications, including utilization of their Low Probability of Interception characteristics.  He is currently an Honorary Professor at the University of Birmingham and a visiting professor at UCL.  His recent work has included chairing NATO groups on Noise Radar and working on Compressive Sensing for Electronic Support Measures.

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