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ASPIRE, MODEST, RfS Joint Session

The University of Birmingham is pleased to host two days of EMSIG Focus Group meetings on 29th and 30th May covering the following three themed areas:-

1.       Advanced Signal Processing in Radar & Electronic Warfare (ASPIRE):

The aim of the focus group is to discuss, investigate and promote the use of advanced signal processing in radar sensors and EW systems across a wide spectrum of applications such as:

(i) short to long range surveillance and imaging radar,

(ii) multi-function radars,

(iii) novel radar and EW concepts with remit also covering system friendly signal processing aspects such as low SWAP solutions, sensor fusion and resource management.

2.       Modern trends in short and medium range sensing (MODEST):

The scope of this focus group is to bring together academics, industrialists, and potential end-users working on development of radar technologies intended to provide sensing and, ultimately situational awareness at short ranges, from tens of cm to ranges on the order of a kilometre.

3.       Radar for Space (RfS):

We are excited to start  a new focus group of Radar for Space and Sensing for Space Situational Awareness (SSA) which encompasses all uses of radar relevant to space, including

(i) space domain awareness (SDA), considering both ground-based and space-based radar sensors, and

(ii) earth observation using space-based radar.

Research and development within the area of sensing, SAR/ISAR imagery, AI for image processing, scene and object characterization, as well as SDA/SSA use case modelling and simulation approaches are within the wide interests of this group.































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University of Birmingham, Gisbert Kapp Building, Pritchatts Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2SA. Gisbert Kapp Building

Google Maps Building G9 on campus map here:

The venue is conveniently located on the University of Birmingham campus, adjacent to a multi-storey car park and very close to the on-site hotel, Edgbaston Park Hotel Edgbaston Park Hotel & Conference Centre. 


More details on the venue are available here.

Use the following form to register to attend. The programme of talks is full but poster contributions are still welcome.

The event is open to all UK industry, government and academia and will be attended by leading members of the UK radar community.

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