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SAR 3rd Annual Workshop

The EMSIG has organised two SAR Networking Events in recent years, the last being in December 2019.

Having taken a break over the last year we are now looking to organise an event for later in 2021. As previously the hope is that scientists, engineers and academics with an interest in all forms of SAR and its applications will be able to present and interact. We would aim once again to get a mix of talks from different aspects of the community, and balanced between industry and academia.

To that end we would like to establish the level of interest, and preferences. Please take a few moments to answer the following questions (respond via email to Darren Coe or Michail Antoniou -

1 – Would you be interested in a SAR networking event in 2021?
2 – Would a date in September work for you?
3 – Assuming that restrictions allow, would you like to attend in person, probably in Birmingham?
4 – It may be possible to use a combination of live and virtual – streaming the live event. Would this be of interest?
5 – Do you have anything that you would be interested in presenting to the SAR community?

More details coming soon.

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