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SAR 3rd Annual Workshop

Synthetic Aperture Radar has become essential for remote sensing across both military and civilian applications. Advances in platform, sensor and processing technologies are leading a revolution in the use of SAR. In the UK, experts are working in government, industry and academia to develop SAR sensors and modes and to exploit SAR data. Fostering cross-linkages between these groups is vital to ensure a healthy industry.

The EMSIG have run two successful previous events at the University of Birmingham. This year the event will be entirely virtual due to continued uncertainty around the pandemic.

The event will be attended by leading members of the UK SAR community.


In recognition of the importance of SAR data exploitation, we will be devoting one session to papers concerned with the application of data science to SAR. 

In order to ensure maximum benefit two half-day sessions will be held:

SAR technology: 22nd September 13:00—17:00

SAR exploitation: 23rd September 13:00—17:00

Each session will consist of a number of technical presentations, followed by a themed discussion.


We will circulate further details and an agenda in September.


The event is open to all UK industry, government and academia.

To register your interest, please contact:

Darren (

Mike (


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