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RF Sensing as a Service

The organiser is Dr. Timothy Pelham @ University of Bristol. His contract details are:


Title : RF Sensing as a Service: developing space based sensor networks for passive radar and beyond


Abstract : The Earth is constantly illuminated by spaceborne radio signals emitted from a plethora of satellites, with over 2000 satellites in the Starlink constellation alone. Many of these are part of dedicated Earth Observation missions, but also includes signals from other sources such as satellite TV and telecommunications networks. These signals could be used for a wide variety of remote sensing tasks. This workshop, funded by SPRINT, aims to bring together academic, industry and government stakeholders in an effort to identify the major technical challenges and recent breakthroughs and applications for space based sensor networks.


Date : 6th September 2022, 09:30 until 16:00


Location : Engineers House, The Promenade, Clifton Down, Clifton, Avon, Bristol, BS8 3NB

Registration link shared over email.

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