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Quantum Radar

Title: Quantum Radar: The Road Ahead

Date: 26th March, 2021 and 2:30pm

Presenter: Athena Karsa - York University


Quantum radar is a potential remote-sensing technology which utilises quantum-mechanical phenomena to achieve detection capabilities not possible through purely classical means. Working in the microwave domain, a quantum radar is, broadly speaking, any device which exploits quantum effects either entirely or in part through its source or detection process. Despite the wide interest and media speculation surrounding quantum radar, there are still a great number of experimental challenges inhibiting its realisation; of course, the resolution of which would offer the most significant change in radar systems since their inception. This talk will navigate through the history of quantum radar, beginning with its roots in the quantum illumination protocol and its extension to the microwave-range using Gaussian states and promised detection advantages. We will discuss the road ahead for practical quantum radar implementation, reviewing recent and future directions of research.

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