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Title: The role of multi-target tracking radar in surveillance systems

Date: Fri 27th Nov and 2:30pm

Presenter: Prof. Alfonso Farina



The lecture will review the topics of “Stochastic filtering & association” and “Multisensor tracking”. The first topic will cover: Historical notes, Dynamic target models, Optimal Recursive Bayesian estimation, Kalman filter, Nonlinear filters (EKF, UKF, Particle filter), a case study: ballistic object tracking, and the Cramer-Rao lower bounds for nonlinear filtering. The second topic will review: Motivations of multisensor with an illustration of system architectures, examples of multi radar integration for Vessel Traffic Management Systems, and of radar & target motion analysis integration.


The zoom link for this is below
Meeting ID: 925 0893 6911
Passcode: 832970

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