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MODEST 3rd Annual Workshop

The MODEST 3rd Annual Workshop was held on 11th Dec 2020 over MS Teams. The workshop was comprised of 13 talks spread over 4 sessions on diverse subjects within the MODEST scope with  40+ attendees. Most attendees coming from academia including many PhD students, with a lesser number from government and industry.

We collected some feedbacks with many thanks to those who took time to answer. This will help to devise the format of the next meeting, though in a due course closer to the next annual workshop we may ask the community again for their suggestions.

The presentations were delivered successfully and MS Teams worked well as a platform.


There was limited audience participation in the Q&A sessions after each talk. This might a peculiarity of the virtual format, next year physical presence environment will be more interactive.

We look forward to any comments and hope to have greater participation from industry and government in future events.


The next 4th Workshop is provisionally scheduled for September 2021.

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